‘Information Governance’ is New 2020 Wildcard for Credit Unions

LØCK Audit Readiness Platform

Simplify your Audit Readiness.

It's never been easier to be audit-ready. Scale and mature your data management by using the LØCK Audit Readiness Platform.

Core fundamentals

Business Areas are LØCKs

Business Value

Improve your overall information management performance and provide a sound basis to sustain an IG Program.

LOCK helps you build your Information Asset management program with an effective and strategic infrastructure for cost containment and operational competitive advantages, specifically in establishing your information compliance and risk controls  

Privacy & Security

Establish operations and awareness activities to secure sensitive information and protect vital information assets.

LOCK helps you manage your Information Assets with personally identifiable information (PII), personal healthcare information (PHI) both domestically and internationally or confidential information in a secured and compliant environment

Information Technology

Assess and enhance IT operations to maximize information assets.

LOCK helps you identify the right tools to manage your information and apply best practices to ensure your operations are transparent and effective

Records & Information Management

Apply core principles for the creation, capture and management of records and information.

LOCK helps manage your Information Assets, with a consistent, systematic, and reliable manner to include compliance with legal, regulatory or operational requirements for records and information

Legal Holds

Set standards and practical operations for litigation readiness and eDiscovery.

LOCK helps you assess your Information Asset landscape, contain and preserve required legal hold Information Assets, and implement litigation collections and readiness

Be Audit Ready. Be Compliant.
Be LØCKed in.

Stay out of the hot seat with the LØCK Information Governance Platform. Being prepared never felt so easy.

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